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The Rise of #InstagramShopping

Instagram has emerged as a significant online selling platform in the last few years. And it's not just limited to companies/brands. There is a whole community of online sellers selling exclusively via Instagram.

The visual style of the platform makes it easy for advertisers to show their goods and that feature of the social network makes it easy for sellers and buyers to connect and communicate together. We all know about the shoppable posts, but selling Instagram now has evolved beyond that.

Here are several developments which will propel Instagram's shopping options in 2020:

Instagram Stories & Purchase Links

Instagram introduced a function in 2017 that permitted the introduction of links to Stories. Since then, marketers have heavily leveraged this functionality to provide direct links to their Stories for product purchasing. The trend will continue to expand as it helps marketers to demonstrate their goods and boost referrals to sales.

With the option of saving Stories as highlights, brands can use this to more permanently display their latest products and boost conversions.

The Growth of Instagram Boutiques

Many Instagram stores have appeared and are using Instagram as a virtual store to display their products and allow purchases. Instagram's visual style allows for a virtual display of the product and the right hashtags to help brands reach the right audience.

And you?

Are you selling on IG? What do you think about the selling experience?

Or maybe you are planning to do so in a near future?

Spill the tea and tell us aaaalll about it! Maybe we could help you with this project!

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